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Physical Exams

Complete physical and developmental assessments for children 2 months to 21 years to determine if the child is growing and developing at an average rate and to detect health problems. The assessment includes screening and laboratory tests performed at appropriate age intervals. Patients will be referred to a physician if necessary. Health Center staff will make arrangements. Charge is based on income and number in household. Adult physical assessments are also provided by registered nurses and ARNPs that have completed specialized training, as well as physicians.


Supplemental food program which provides infant formula, milk products, juices, cereals, dried beans, eggs, and peanut butter to infants and children from birth to age 5. Along with vouchers for these foods, education is provided by a nurse or nutritionist to help improve diet and overall health. These services are provided free to low income families whose infant or child has been determined to be at nutritional risk due to improper growth, anemia, poor diet, or other specific health risk. These services are also available to pregnant and postpartum women.  Click HERE to see some excellent videos about the WIC program and more information on taking care of your child.


Initial immunizations and booster shots are provided to protect infants and children against childhood diseases. The health center will provide parents a copy of children’s immunization record upon request. Certificates verifying immunizations are provided to school or day care requirements. Adult immunizations services are also provided.


This is a program for those preschool children who do not have fluoridated drinking water (water not supplied by city or county). The family may pick up a water test kit to have drinking water tested. Fluoride drops or tablets will be provided to those children whose drinking water does not contain recommended levels of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and disease. This is available to children 6 months until 6 years of age.

Fluoride Varnish

This is a program for those preschool children who do not have fluoridated drinking water (water not supplied by city or county). The family may pick up a water test kit to have drinking water tested. Fluoride drops or tablets will be provided to those children whose drinking water does not contain recommended levels of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and disease. This is available to children 6 months until 6 years of age.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and disease.

Lead Screening

Lead testing is provided for children 6 months until 6 years of age who are determined to be at risk for lead poisoning. Education relating to lead poisoning is provided by a nurse to families whose child may be at risk for lead poisoning.

Environmental Programs

The environmentalist oversees and/or does the following: temporary food service establishments, seasonal restricted food services establishments, food service establishments, food and beverage vending machines, retail-food establishments, bed and breakfast establishments, retain food stores, food managers training program, hotel/motel inspections, mobile home/RV inspections, public restroom inspection, school inspections, septic tank cleaners (trucks), septic tank disposal sites, confinement facilities, youth camp facilities, private water supply testing, nuisance control, onsite sewage disposal system, installer training program, private sewage-complaints/repairs, public swimming/bathing (pools & beaches), food borne disease investigation, rabies program (quarantine/release), lead program, vectors (mosquitoes, birds, rodents, bats, etc.), West Nile Virus (bird submission), and ear piercing programs.

Epidemiology Program

The epidemiologist performs complex epidemiological studies on the distribution and determinates of bioterrorism events, infectious diseases, and other public health emergencies (epidemic and endemic). Work involves assisting in devising methods of surveillance, implementation, and analysis of epidemiological investigations or studies; participating in general data management and report writing for epidemiological studies and investigations within a specified geographic area of the state. When a person has been exposed to a contagious or infectious disease, the health center staff will conduct an investigation to determine the source of the exposure. The health center may also provide medicine to prevent the disease. Included are diseases such as hepatitis, meningitis, tuberculosis, rabies, and sexually transmitted infections. For persons who become ill with tuberculosis or sexually transmitted diseases, the health center will provide treatment under the guidance of a physician.

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Family Planning

These services are available to those people who want to obtain a method of birth control or help in planning a family. Methods available include birth control pills, barrier methods (foam, condoms, diaphragm and gel). Depo Provera injections, IUDs and natural family planning methods. Women participating in family planning services will be provided a physical exam each year which includes a breast exam, pelvic exam and a pap test. The charge for the physical exam and the birth control is based upon family size and income.

First Steps

First Steps, Kentucky’s Early Intervention System (KEIS) serves children birth to 3 years of age who have developmental delay or a particular medical condition that is known to cause developmental delay. Anyone in your community, including yourself, can call the district Point of Entry Office (POE) to refer a child suspected of having a delay. For the Gateway District Office (Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan, and Rowan) call 800-942-4358 to make a referral.

Healthy Start

The Healthy Start Program has a Credentialed Healthy Start Consultant, which is a registered nurse. The consultant works with all the childcare sites and childcare providers in the counties of Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan, and Rowan. The consultant provides on-site consultations in the area of health, safety, and nutrition. The childcare centers are also provided with clock hours training, which is a requirement for the childcare providers to keep their jobs. This services is provided free of charge to any center that request the services. Along with all the services provided, the consultant also offers DECA program to evaluate children that may be having difficulty within the childcare settings. The healthy start program works closely with the state coordinator of the Healthy Start Program.

Cancer Screening Services

These services are available to women who do not need birth control due to menopause, tubal ligation, or hysterectomy. A physical exam including pap test and breast exam is provided by a nurse. Cholesterol screening and random blood sugar may be provided if indicated. Breast self-exam instruction and counseling on the risk of smoking is provided.

Screening Mammogram Referral

Screening mammograms based upon American Cancer Society recommendations are provided to low income women. The fee for this service is based upon income and number in household.

Breast Cancer Program

This is a community education program, which provides information to the communities on early detection and prevention of breast cancer. This program targets women ages 40 to 69. This program holds annual screening events in each county. The breast cancer awareness program is constantly providing education to the community and community groups. The goal for this program is to provided education to all groups of women, from all walks of life, to help in eradication of breast cancer in Kentucky’s women.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

This program is grant funded and has a goal of reaching a target group of men and women ages 50 and older. The main goal is to educate the public and increase the number of colorectal screenings that are done. This program also educates the public on the effectiveness of the Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT) versus the other colorectal screening available. The FOBT has been proven to be just as effective in detecting colorectal cancer as the other forms of screening. This service is provided at all the local health departments in the Gateway District. The colorectal cancer prevention program will also be holding screening events in all four counties.

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Diabetes Services

Services are provided by a Registered Dietitian with her CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) and by a registered nurse with specialized training. Services include one on one education in the clinic, group classes in the community, and also professional education to registered nurses and physicians. The main focus is to reduce morbidity and mortality from diabetes in our district. Services include screening, counseling, and ongoing management for diabetes. The health center has trained health professionals who can assist clients in reducing their risk of developing this disease by modifying lifestyles. In addition, prevention of diabetes is taught. This service is for people of all ages.  For more information about diabetes services click Other Services in the main menu at the top of this page and select Diabetes.

Preparedness Planning and Readiness Assessment

This program establishes strategic leadership, direction, assessment, and coordination of activities (including Strategic National Stockpile Response) to ensure statewide readiness, interagency collaboration, local and regional preparedness (both intrastate and interstate) for bioterrorism, other outbreaks of infectious disease, and other public health threats and emergencies.

Kentucky Health Emergency Listing of Professionals for Surge, KHELPS, is used to register, notify and inform individuals or facilities who are interested in volunteering in the event of  an accidental or intentional emergency, or other public or health care disaster. Visit the following website if you or your organization are interested in becoming a volunteer in this program.  https://kentuckyhelps.com

Prenatal Services

This service is for pregnant low income women and for pregnant teens who have no other source of payment. Women enrolled in Prenatal Care receive regular ongoing prenatal care from a physician or certified nurse midwife. This service also includes delivery and 6 weeks postpartum checkups. This service is provided free to eligible women.

Preconceptional Risk Assessment, Folic Acid, and Counseling

This service is available to any female of childbearing age who is not currently pregnant. The purpose of this service is to determine risks that may be associated with future pregnancies and to provide information on ways in which those risks can be decreased prior to conception. Folic acid counseling and provision of multivitamins with folic acid is available for women of childbearing age. Since the folic acid program has began providing a free years supply of multivitamins to women of childbearing age in Kentucky, the incidence of Neural Tube Defects have decreased by 70%. Education is also provided to health professionals and the general public in our communities to promote this awareness.

Physical Activity Program

This program works in conjunction with the state and Centers for Disease Control, to increase physical activity and thus decrease complications such as chronic disease and obesity. The focus of this program is to work with communities, to assess areas where an increase in activity is needed, sit on physical activity boards, schools, business, and promote physical activity to the general population. Education is provided on a one to one basis or group education. This program will become more visible as we continue to build the infrastructure for this relatively new service.

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TB (tuberculosis) Program

Services are provided by a Registered Nurse with specialized training. Services include: maintaining records and reporting according to state, local, and federal guidelines; provide TB screening for high risk groups; provide TB case investigations; contact investigations; directly observe therapy and follow up for TB patients; provided training and updates including one on one education with patients; professional education to registered nurses and physicians; and to provide a TB clinic through telehealthcare network with St. Claire Regional Medical Center and UKMC. Education is also provided in each community for healthcare facilities (nursing homes, clinics, correctional facilities) as need arises.

Tobacco Education Program

This program strives to meet the recommendations set up by the Centers for Disease Control which are to develop an increased public awareness about the effects of tobacco, prevent initiation of use among young people, facilitate tobacco cessation programs and educate about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

HANDS Program

HANDS is a collaborative effort of the Cabinet for Health Services, the Governor's KIDS NOW Initiative and other local community agencies. The purpose is to provide information, referral and support for Moms and Dads expecting their first child. The focus is on recognizing your baby's needs, what to expect as your baby grows, making your home safe and other important topics that could help your baby have a healthy, safe beginning. HANDS is a voluntary, free service to first time parents. Hispanic services are also available.

WIC Services

This service is provided free to low income pregnant, breast-feeding (up to 1 year) and postpartum women or women who are at nutritional risk. This service provides food vouchers and nutritional education.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

These services include testing and treatment of various sexually transmitted infectious including syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia and HIV. The testing can be done confidentially (using a patient’s name) or anonymously (using a randomly assigned number). This service is available regardless of income.


HIV testing and counseling are available. The testing can be done confidentially (using a patient name) or anonymously (using randomly assigned numbers). There is a small fee for services but if the patient cannot pay the service will still be provided.


Adults can receive booster immunizations for tetanus (lockjaw) and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Skin testing for tuberculosis and immunizations to protect against flu and pneumonia are also provided.

Health Education

Health education is available for adults who wish to receive information regarding aspects of adult lifestyles that can be changed to promote health and well-being. Many health education services are offered in the community as well as the local health center.

Nutrition Services

This program is for all, regardless of income, who need intensive medical nutrition counseling. Group sessions and individual one on one visits are available with a registered dietitian or nutritionist who can recommend the diet best for you. Health professionals from the community may use this as a referral service.

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